Annan to the Border and the END!

The Celebration at the end of the walk

The Celebration at the end of the walk

The final day – a 9 mile walk from Annan to Gretna and as you can see from the photo above I was joined by some friends and family who had helped me way or another at some time during the last five years.

I’d also like to thank all my Blog followers – your comments along the walk were always welcome. I have around 70 people reading my blog a day and it seems strange to think that there are “real people” out there who have read my posts.

After 5 years and about 2000 +  miles later its difficult to conceive of “an end” to this walk. The end point was for so long always so far in the distance both in actual miles and also time, that it was only on the last day that I started to come to terms it would soon all be over.

My next aim is to try and get a book written and published – if that comes to pass then I’ll post the details here but meantime if you are interested in walking part (or all) of the Scottish Coast then please visit where I intend keeping everyone informed of any developments regarding an “Official” National Coastal Path for Scotland.

Thanks again everyone,

Gil Campbell

29th August 2009

13 Responses to Annan to the Border and the END!

  1. David Michael says:

    Hi Gil,
    Congratulations – a wonderful achievement!
    Best wishes,
    David Michael

  2. Alex says:

    Fantastic trip…well done..!

  3. Craig W says:

    Congratulations Gil! A huge achievement, I have enjoyed reading your adventures and will enjoy re-reading them. But now, the hard part… writing the book… 🙂

  4. Michael Campbell says:

    Congratulations Gilbert. I’ve been following your walk for the last couple years. Great job & good luck with the book.

    Michael Campbell
    Aberdeen,NJ. USA


  6. Well done on your 5 years walk, what a great walk! i bet you saw some beautiful scenes.. along the way.. in case you wondering who i am, i was in Gretna Chase hotel and your party sang songs at my daughter Deborahs and her hubby Pauls reception, you all really made a happy end to the night, we will all never forget, i have a lovely photo of you and my daughter both singing.. but up to now i dont see on your site where i can email it to you. Hugs from Sue and family.

  7. Jane says:

    Congratulations Gil on your fantastic achievement!
    Best wishes from Wales,

  8. Hi Gil

    I was given your name by Janet Martindale, a friend of your sister, and she told me about your walk around Scotland and the plans for a Scottish coastal path which sounds a really interesting project. Some years ago I cycled round the coast of Scotland on a mountain bike and wrote a book, ‘Coasting around Scotland’ which is currently being updated for a second edition. I have always thought that it would be good idea to promote a Scottish coastal route of some kind, whether for walkers or cyclists, and wondered whether you would be interested in exploring the possible overlap between our two routes. All rather vague I know but there could be something here. Anyway well done with the walk and good luck with the book.

    Nicholas Fairweather

  9. Could not believe my ears when my old mate Bert’s voice came drifting over BBC Radio Scotland the day before the big finale. As surreal as a certain night on Byres Road. Amazing.

    Great idea to promote this walk. May your advertisers have long and happy lives.


  10. I have just read your blog right through. What a great achievement. I applaud you for sticking at it over such a long period.
    What has happened to your blog recently?

    Best wishes
    Conrad robinson

  11. fiddledidee says:

    Wow…I wish I’d found your blog before it was allover…congratulations. What an achievement!


  12. Tide Times says:

    Very well done 🙂

  13. Ah che ricordi! Anche noi lo abbiamo avuto in duplex… praticamente un phone-sharingud83dude09nAbolito per incompatibilitu00e0 con le esigenze di Click

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