Ardfern to Crinan. 15 Miles

Carnasserie Castle

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Today I was accompanied by Lorna and after having a coffee at the local hotel in Ardnish we set off up the Bealach towards Kilmartin glen. Although the road up was quite steep, we made good time and chatted away for a time. Eventually we reached the top and headed down the hill and looped back and climbed back up the little hill that led to Carnasserie castle. This ancient pile is quite impressive and I took the opportunity to take some photos while Lorna climbed to the top of the ramparts. This old castle was another Campbell stronghold. Argyle being Campbell country with the impressive Inverary castle being the Clan Chief’s castle.

After we had visited the castle we dropped down into Kilmartin Glen which is a fascinating place with lots of prehistoric Neolithic burial sites, stone circles and standing stones everywhere. Kilmartin glen is not a “glen” in the sense that most people think of a highland glen. T reminds me more of a “strath” as in Strathearn, Strathclyde etc. A wide, flat are that more resembles a river flood plain. We stopped off at a friend of a friend who had taken the ruined schoolhouse and converted it back to its former glory. I remember the state of the house before the project was taken on – it had no roof, everything was rooting away and covered in slime and fungus – and now it is a comfortable architect award winning family home.

After the final stretch along the long straight B road that lead to the Crinan Canal, it was back in the van and back to Ardnish where Lorna had left the car. We drove to Lochgilphead where I managed to get some calor gas, and Lorna headed back home. I drove back to where I had parked the car at Bellanoch so I could get up and ready for the next day’s walk to Tayvallich.

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