Aberdour to Kirkcaldy. 8.5 Miles

The Fife Coastal Path Guide

The Fife Coastal Path Guide

From Silver Sands Beach at Aberdour, follow the Fife Coastal Path arond next to the Fife coastal railway line up to the outskirts of Burntisland. Walk along Burntisland main street and follow the path past the swimming pool leisure complex and along the beach if the tide is out. I went along the beach and walked along the wall next to the railway, but the Coastal path goes inland and up the main road towards the Pettycur caravan park on the hill. Walk in and down into Kinghorn and then carry on through Kinghorn till the path leaves the village at the far end and runs along outside the caravan park near the viaduct. From here the path continues along passed the ruin of seafield tower into Kirkcaldy itself.


BLOG: Lovely day for a walk- I was joined by my friend Anne and her labrador pup, Lola. Lola certainly enjoyed the sea and relished the opportunity to gallop in and out of the waves. The Fife coastal path is one I had walked on previous occasions, so I knew what to expect. The only difference to this section was that there was large scale site clearing going just outside Burntisland where previously there had been a horrible dirty factory of some kind. I presume they will build houses on the site. Further on just before Kirkaldy there were more ‘executive’ houses. These were built on the old Seafield coal mining site The landscape has certainly changed. I predict that Kirkcaldy will become an importance Edinburgh commuter town if they finally get round to building a decent passenger ferry across the Forth.

NEW! See the campaign for a National Coastal Path for Scotland. Click HERE

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