Pease Bay to Dunbar. 11 miles

Barns Ness Lighthouse

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John Muir Way Walk Guide

John Muir Way Guide Book

Follow the road north up from the caravan park which is now part of the Southern Upland Way (SUW) After about half a mile there is a SUW sign post across the road from a house and a small ruined church which is overgrown with vegetation. Follow the SUW path round till the small village of Cove is reached. Pass through Cove village and follow the road until it meets a roundabout where it meets the A1. Walk across the A1 and cross the bridge which spans the deep gorge at Dunglass. Just past the bridge pass some cottages and carry on till you reach the Mill house. At this point there is a sign for the John Muir trail which will be followed up past Dunbar until it heads inland for a time. The path follows some dense undergrowth that leads down to the beach near Bilsdean Creek. From here the John Muir walk is well sign-posted and skirts the farmand above the beaches until it reaches Thortonloch caravan park. From here it follows the walkway around the Torness power station, Skateraw harbour and on to Barns Ness Lighthouse. From the lighthouse, it is s straight forward walk along past the golf course an on to Dunbar where this walk ends.


This walk was a pleasant one albeit a walk part of which goes around a Nuclear Power Station. It actually took me about an hour just to walk around this, it was so massive. There are two walkways around the power station and there were a few fishermen fishing off the warm outlet pipes. Presumably they were trying to catch two headed fish.

I had to retrace my steps for about 2 miles later on as I had left part of my trousers behind in a shelter at the golf course outside Dunbar. I had bought a pair of trousers with detachable legs, (because thats the kind of guy I am), and I left the legs behind. Fortunately the legs hadnt “walked” on my way back to get them, but I will have to be more careful as the extra 3 miles there and back didnt help much.

Dunbar is quite a nice seaside town and I took the chance to have a look around the John Muir birthplace museum which has fairly recently been set up. John Muir was probably the first real environmentalist and he persuaded President Roosevelt in the US to set up America’s first National Park at Yosemite.

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2 Responses to Pease Bay to Dunbar. 11 miles

  1. Mitch says:

    John Muir way – lovely walk not hard at all as most of it is flat. The coastal walk is lovely except the Torness Station part but this only takes about 35 mins. Barnes Ness Lighthouse is worth a visit

  2. treb123 says:

    I agree its a lovely walk along that part of the coast although the proximity of the A1 can be a drag

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