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I have started to build a Scottish National Coastal Path web site to lobby for a national coastal path to be set up and to help with directions etc for those who wish to set themselves the challenge of walking around Scotland.

I would love to see a National Coastal Path created that ran around the whole coast of Scotland. I have written to the Scottish Government lobbying for such a thing to be created but I an only one individual and therefore would love to hear form others who also think that the existence of such a path would be an asset to the nation. After all we have popular long distance paths such as the WHW and SUW etc which are incredibly popular.

Any thoughts on the matter – post here and let’s start the ball rolling!

I have started a couple of campaigning sites on Flickr (the photo sharing site) and Facebook.
Please register your support at either of those two places.

Flickr Group
Facebook Group

You can also e-mail me direct at treb123(at) Would love to hear from you!


New! To see photos taken from the Scottish Coast on a map showing where they were taken then click here


5 Responses to National Path

  1. Audrey Grescoe says:

    Hi, Gil:

    My husband and I walked portion of the Fife Coastal Path in August and are now writing an article for a national Canadian magazine for retirees.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your accounts of your walks along that path.

    I just wonder if you have walked the distance from Culross to North Queensferry. I’m having trouble finding out what the path is like (whether it has been completed) and what the distance is.

    Can you help?

    Audrey Grescoe
    Bowen Island, British Columbia

  2. David Cotton says:


    I would like to congratulate you on your walk – the photos in particular are superb.

    I did this walk in the opposite direction in 2003, as part of my walk around the coastline of Britain, and would like to say that the best is yet to come – the northwest of Scotland is superb, and I really hope that you enjoy your walks there.

    Say hello to Kervaig Bothy for me, and enjoy the sands of Sandwood Bay…

    All the best,

  3. David Sinclair-Loutit says:


    I sent you an email to the treb123 address above because it was not really about walking and wonder if you’ve seen it.

    You do take wonderful photos.

  4. Bill says:

    Question: why do you say that the walk ends at Findochty, when you can walk all the way at least to Portgordon along the coast?

  5. treb123 says:

    David Michael Says:
    October 3, 2008 at 11:36 am edit

    Hi Gil,

    We met at the bus stop at Garelochhead! You told me your web address
    and I subscribed to your updates immediately.
    I was suprised to find I made it onto the description of your day!

    To keep you up to date I have spent the last few days at the hostel at
    Rattray Bay, walking to there from Newburgh, a distance of about 36
    miles over 3 days. Long sandy beaches and some very undulating cliffs!
    And some great weather!

    In July this year I did the Northumberland part of the North Sea Trail
    and last year did the Yorkshire bit.

    As for future plans, I will get round to Toward Point by the end of
    this year I hope. I’ve walked Bo’ness to the the Border, so this year I
    will also fill in the gap between Bo’ness and North Queensferry over
    the Kincardine Bridge to link with the Fife Coastal Path. Year by year
    I will do bits from Dundee up to John O’Groats and probably continue
    round Argyll. Kintyre looks like a big project – do-able over a couple
    of weeks which may mean a couple of years in reality! And as for the
    West coast- maybe when I retire in 11 years time, but I’m not going to
    carry a tent or anything like that. I’m not really the strong athletic

    I see you’ve reached Ayrshire and recommend the recently published guide.

    Any further thoughts on the lobby for a National Coastal Path?

    Best of luck finishing your walk. Next year I would guess. What’s the
    celebration planned?

    All the best,

    David Michael

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