South Queensferry to Aberdour. 10 Miles

The Fife Coastal Path Guide

The Fife Coastal Path Guide

Cross the Forth Road Bridge and turn right at the end down to North Queensferry. At this point you will be on the Fife Coastal path which will be followed around Fife. It is clearly sign posted. Follow the path around the bay and into Inverkeithing, then on to Dalgetty Bay. From Dalgetty Bay the way then heads back inland for about half a mile avoiding the Exon gas terminal at Braefoot point. Follow the Fife path, passed the entrance to St Colm House and then into Aberdour itself. My finishing point was at Aberdour Silver sands beach, which is on the east side of the town.

I have been on this walk a few times as I was now back in my own back yard which is Fife. The noise going across the Forth Road bridge was pretty loud so I plugged myself into my PDA and listened to a couple of radio 4 programs, “In our time” with Melvyn Bragg that I had saved as MP3 files. The BBC have just recently started posting previous broadcasts as mp3 files. Its a great idea, and I did get to wonder what kind of technology would be around when I finished the walk. The walk around the bay just before you get to Inverkeithing is probably the most industrialised part of my walk to date. It skirts a large scrap metal yard which breaks up cars etch which are unloaded by cargoe ships in the harbour. I would abslutely dread having to work in a place like that, it was noisy dirty and the stench of diesel and engine oil hung over the whole area. Inverkeithing isnt anything to write home about, but I was soon around the bay and into the Disneyland that is Dalgety Bay. The whole of Dalgety Bay that is visible from the shore is like a well manicured lego village. Some of the bigger houses have the electric gates in the front and it was very Peyton Place. (How many of you readers remember that I wonder!) I carried on through St Davids Bay and stopped for a while at St Bridget’s Kirk, a ruined mediaevil church. I was hobbling a bit from blisters even although I had put on blister packs and my achilles was inflamed, I was looking forward to getting on my bike at Aberdour, just to take the weight off my legs. I passed through Aberdour which has probably the prettiest railway station in Scotland. The platform was bursting with baskets of flowers and everything was painted in bright colours. I passed by Aberdour castle which is the care of the Scottish National Trust. Its well worth a visit, and although I didnt have a chance to go in, I have visited it previously and its an interesting place.

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