Other Circumnavigators!

Here is a list of others who have completed the coastal walk around Scotland and / or the whole of the UK. If anyone else knows of any others out there (and I’m sure there are loads) please send me their details (treb123(at)yahoo.com) and I’ll post them here. Thanks.View Page

Linda Pritchard. In 1989 she  ran 4,000 miles around the coast of the United Kingdom to raise money for cancer research.

David Cotton UK Coastal Walk, Completed in 2003

Louis Kitchen – I met Louis south of Edinburgh as he was nearing the completion of his walk around the UK coast. He was only 17 at the time and was doing it in his gap year before heading to University! He was carrying a big pack at the time and would sleep out more often than not.

John Merrill from Derbyshire, England, is a marathon walker, a profession which he can be said to have created and of which he remains a leading, if not the only, member. He is active in two areas: firstly undertaking extremely long walks, and secondly publishing book about walking, dealing with both his experiences and describing routes for readers to follow. In January 2003, he was made an Honorary Master of Derby University, for his walking and writing. He also lectures extensively about walking. (from Wikipedia entry)

David Oldman – he recently finished walking the coast of the UK clockwise AND anti-clockwise over a period of 12 years. Here are his photos. Click here for his photos.Seb Green. Seb completed his walk around the UK Coast after pinching a boat and, wanting to make amends, decided to raise money for charity by walking around the coastline.  His web site can be found here.

Amy Leigh .  Amy Leigh walked clockwise around the UK and completed the walk in 240 days late September 2010. Her Facebook page is here.

Nat Severs. Nat finished his walk in November 2010 – he walked around the mainland of the UK clockwise AND the coastline of Skye. Here is his FB info


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  1. David Oldman says:

    I am walking around Great Britain in two directions. That might need a bit of explaining. I started from the Thames and walked clockwise via Land’s End and Wales into Scotland: I have reached Achahoish (Knapdale) in this direction.
    Alternating with this, I also started walking anti-clockwise from the Thames, and in this direction I have reached Kishorn, near Lochcarron. That’s about 5,100 miles in total.
    This is a holidays-only project, so it will take me another year or two of occasional walks to close the gap. As this includes Knoydart and Arnamurchan, I think the best – and the most difficult – is yet to come.

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