Gatehouse of Fleet to Brighouse.10 Miles

July 17, 2009
Light at end of the tunnel

Light at end of the tunnel

I left Gatehouse of Fleet on my walk around the peninsula that lies to the south of the A75 and goes around Borness Point and then north again to Kirkcudbright. After beating down some nettles to get down off the main A75 and onto a small farm road that led south towards the caravan park at Sandgreen. The path went through some lovely woodland and with Fleet Bay to my right. I had decided to announce the date of my last day’s walk which will be on the 29th of August and I invited my friends and family who had supported me to come down to walk a mile with me. I’m kind of looking forward to the end but also apprehensive – I will need to come up with a new project that is equally silly or I’ll panic. Like a diver who has been immersed at depths and has caught the “bends”, I will need to come up with my own version of a decompression chamber to cope with the change.

However I didn’t want to get ahead of myself but I also realised I’d have to get my skates on as time was running out on me. The beach at Sandgreen was lovely and their was a few kids from the caravan park playing on the sands. From the beach the route went along a track to Carrick which was really just a collection of holiday huts of various ages. Then the path came onto the minor road that is also on the SUSTRANS national cycle network.

At a place called Knockbrex there were three navigation pillars that poke out of the water – Im not sure how they got there or how old they are but they were important enough to be noted on the O.S Map The rest of the way was pleasant enough with a couple of interesting features along the way – a tower at Corseyard and then an old Kirk at Kirkandrews.

The rest of the road was mainly down a long straight road towards Brighouse where the path eventually took me out at the very busy caravan park at Brighouse Bay.