Kippford to Sandyhills. 8 Miles

August 14, 2009

Happy Days are here again

Happy Days are here again

Tempus fugit and all that. Since I announced that I was going to finish my walk on the 29th August I realised I’d better get my skates on and play catch up. I don’t  want to stumble over the finish line knackered at Gretna, and so I decided to do a very short final day from Annan to Gretna of around 8 miles.

The problem was when I drove down on the Friday the rain was chucking it down heavily – probably the rainiest day of the summer this year. But I had to press on despite the weather. The little harbour at Kippford was deserted as the rain poured down. The wind and the rain kept all sensible people indoors. However the path up around the cliffs towards Rockcliffe was a good one and it was quite exciting to stand at the top of the cliffs and watch the wind whip up the froth on the waves far below.

I was happy that the wind was blowing onshore from the sea as the gusts were strong and I wouldn’t want to be leaning inland constantly to avoid being blown off into the sea. How ironic would that be with 30 miles to go?


Dalbeattie to Kipford. 5 Miles.

July 26, 2009


I left Dalbeattie with a heavy heart promising it’s good people that I would one day return. Actually I was thrown out the pub for being drunk and incapable. I staggered down the road sipping from my camelback water container which was now filled with drambuie and coke. I suddenly could understand all the secrets of the Universe and was anxious to get to a place where I could scribble down my insights for the benefits of all the peoples on the planet, and not just the citizens of Dalbeattie and its environs.

Ok this didn’t really happen (well not all of it) but I wanted you to get an insight into the kind of rubbish that goes through your head when you are busy playing Russian roulette with traffic.  Thank God I wont have much more of these crazy mental meanderings to entertain – although I am wondering if  I should hop the last 6 miles for a laugh. A ha ha ha.