Carsethorn to New Abbey. 7 Miles

August 16, 2009

After yesterday’s long but enjoyable walk I wasnt in any mood to get up early and charge headlong up the road to Dumfries. So I decided to walk to New Abbey which was only about 8 miles up the road. I fortified myself with coffee and scone at the Abbey tearoom and then headed back to the start of the walk at Carsethorn.

Apart from the start of the walk along a minor road, the rest was a straightforward section north along the A710 towards Dumfries. Im edging towards the end of the walk and I’m  running out of miles. For the first time I’m actually starting to wonder of “life after my coastal walk”.

I can imagine what it must be like to be an athlete training for the Olympics – after all the training and the journey to get there abruptly verything ends in a matter of moments. I’m faced with the same scenario –  as soon as I step over the Border the journey of five years will be complete.

For me there has never really been a “goal” as such – the “process” of the actual journey has always been the most important point to this venture.  At the beginning of the walk the end point seemed so far in the future, that a goal seemed non nonsensical. The goal was just to walk and keep walking. Now that I have set an end point I have to decide  what to do next. Perhaps another walk – who knows…..