Dumfries to Ruthwell. 16 Miles

Nosey Bullock

I caught the bus back to Dumfries from Caervlaverock castle and it was really interesting to see how friendly everyone was. Everyone, and I mean everyone who got on the bus at various stops on the way to Dumfries said hello to everyone else on the bus. I half expected a deep bow as well and was mildly disappointed that I didnt see that. But nevertheless the friendly attitude was unexpected and very welcome.  If you said hello to anyone on an early morning bus in Edinburgh the passengers would scream in unison that there was going to be a murdurr.

I was joined half way along my walk by my sister Anna and her Dutch friend Wilco who joined me for the second part of the walk. We met at Caerverlock castle just as they were setting up for the annual medieval fayre.  Wilco is a good friend and has spent some time living in the jungles of Brazil. It was good to see him again and I appreciated the fact that he took time out to see me on what was only a flying visit to Scotland.

Next week will be my final two days on my walk – only 16 miles to go and I’m looking forward to friends and family coming down to walk the final few miles to Gretna with me.

If you are interested in the idea of a National Coastal path for Scotland please visit my “sister” site which I have set up to lobby for the path’s creation.  The site is www.nationalcoastalpath.co.uk


3 Responses to Dumfries to Ruthwell. 16 Miles

  1. Kaz says:


  2. treb123 says:

    Thanks – its all about being at the right place at the right time 😛

  3. Jane says:

    Good luck with the final leg of your incredible walk!

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