Auchencairn to Dalbeattie. 8 Miles

Auchencairn Millenium Garden

Auchencairn Millenium Garden

Today was a road walk up to Dalbeattie from Auchencairn. Unfortunately I cant remember much about it except it was just another road walk. I stopped at Palnackie for a coffee but the rest is blank, sorry. Thats one of the hazards of writing a blog 2 weeks after the event. I end up spending a day playing catch up and for those who read my blog on a regular basis, I usually just pour out any old codswallop, usually entirely unrelated to the events of that day. A “stream of consciousness” I think is the artistic (or Freudian) term. Well thats what you are getting now dear reader – the equivalent of literal mince. A road’s a road for a’ that (with apologies to the National Bard) but there is only so many ways I can describe tarmac and rain.

Oh yes, had a scone at lunch time, but thats old news isnt it?


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