Wigton to Newton Stewart. 7 Miles

Newton Stewart

The walk from Wigton to Newton Stewart wasn’t a long one and it followed the minor road that led along the river Cree’s Estuary west bank. Eventually the minor road led back onto the main A road near St Ninian’s well and the approach to Newton Stewart was along side the river bank.  A brand new cycle path had just been opened which saved me from walking along the main road – these SUSTRANS cycle paths are a real boon and I’m sure that over time enough of them will be constructed to link large sections of paths that would otherwise are dangerous to walk along.

I walked under the main road through the underpass and read the following caption that had been written on the concrete (see Photo)

“My waters always know their course to rivermouth from hilltop course

Man’s destination is unkent until his journey is fully spent”

Im not sure where the poem comes from but walking reading the quotation struck a chord with me.

In no time I was in Newton Stewart and I was walking along when I saw a young girl carrying a baby – however she did look a bit young and when I looked closer I realised it was a doll she was carrying.  The girl must have been about 15 so it didnt seem to be a toy to her. I thought it was odd until I spotted another girl sitting on a park bench and cradling another doll. It seemed like I was walking into an episode of a “League of Gentlemen”  – it was very bizaare.

I mentioned this to a friend a few days later and I was told that it was perhaps the policy for health or the education services to allow teenage girls see what it was like to actually look after a baby – presumably to put off teenage pregnancies. The girls looked happy enough and if anything it appeared to me to be a crude mating signal to adolescent boys! I’m sure I will be enlightened by someone…..

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