Garlieston to Wigton. 7 Miles

This was a shortish walk of around 7 miles. The route followed thebay around Garlieston and then follwed the path out towards Eggerness point. A squelchy mud track led into the cool of a woodland which eventually led back onto the B7004 minor road which then met the A714 into Wigton.

Wigton is a booktown and has the largest second hand book shop in Scotland.  There seemed to be about 5 bookshops in the little town and I heard that Wigton’s status as a “Book Town” came about from a competition that was aimed to increase the revenue of the town after some local industries shut down.

I liked Wigton and had one of the best scones in a cafe (cum bookshop) I  have had on my travels. Scones are the equivalent of carrots to a donkey for me. I can smell the scent of a freshly baked scone on the breath of a zephyr from 5 miles out.

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