Ardwell to Glenluce. 11 miles.

 Luce Sands

Luce Sands

Today was going to be an absolute scorcher and I had about 7 miles of sandy beach walking to look forward to. The tides around here go out a long way and when I set off the tide was quite far out. When I eventually reached the three large buoys which which I think might have been used for target practice from the military range, the tide was still along way off. It felt quite isolated – there was noone around as I was quite far out but I could imagine the weekend in Glasgow with thousands of people thronging the parks, eating ice creams and lounging around on the grass.

Although the sun was blazing there was a coolish breeze that managed to make the walking comfortable. Actually the bext days for walking are probably coolish overcast days. Sunny days have their own problems sunburn obviously being one of them. However another problem I get if the sun is strong and especially if it is windy is coldsores. Not very often mind you – (because the sun doesnt shine very often in Scotland), but I felt that tickling feeling on my bottom lip which I knew spelt trouble.  Sure enough a couple of days I looked like I had a dead fly stuck to my bottom lip. But it was worth it.


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