Mull of Galloway to Ardwell. 11 Miles

Near Ardwell

Near Ardwell

I left the Mull of Galloway lighthouse on a beautiful sunny day. One of the warmest days so far this year and the whole weekend was due to be a scorcher.  I felt slightly strange that I had finally “ticked off” the last cardinal point on my trip around Scotland. The Mull of Galloway is as far south one can go in Scotland. Ahead om from the vantage point at the top of the cliffs near the lighthouse I could see the Maryport Bay towards the north and beyond. I was looking forward to the long strecth of beach walking around the bay at Luce Sands. Probably the last significant beach I would walk along. The ending is fast approaching as I savour the last of everything. The beaches for example – from the beaches at Aberlady, St Andrews and Tentsmuir, Lunan Bay,  Balmedie links and around Lossiemouth. Then the most beautiful of all – at Sandwood Bay in Caithness.  Arsisaig and Morar sands, Sanna Bay at Ardnamurchan and many many more.  Each memory was fading a little and being replaced by the couple of photos form each location that I had blogged here and elsewhere.

I wasnt even sure if I would meet any more lighthouses now.  Each lighthouse punctuated my travels like exclamamtion mark or markers. And because they were all built to a similar design by the Stevensons – I took a certain comfort when I reached another one on my travels. I knew that the yellow and white paint would appear familiar to me. Although there were exceptions such a the candy striped lighthouse I passed a long time ago at Tarbat Ness.

Anyway – the time for looking back wasn’t quite here yet and I had a shortish walk along the little country lane that dropped down into the village at Drummore – from there on there was a walk around the road north that ended at Ardwel.


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  1. thank you very much for posting the Doirlinn Cottage, Drimnin, on Loch Sunart. I went with the youth club in a mining town on a two-week canoeing trip in 1966 and it was good to see that little appears to have changed in the 45 years since. The well was in the front of the cottage and the kitchen on the right with the peat drying in the store on the left. We canoeing over to Mull and then onto Staffa but got shipwrecked on Gometra for two days with only bread. It has always stuck in my romantic memory.
    manty thanks

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