Port Logan to Drummore. 5 Miles

Mull of Galloway Lighthouse

I didnt get down to the south of Galloway until late afternoon on the Friday and so I decided that I’d walk the short distance from Port Logan to Drummore and then set off from the lighthouse the next day. I don’t have that far to go now and so I’m really checking the weather forecast before I leave to ensure the remaining walks I have to do are a pleasure (at least weather-wise!) The forecast wasn’t wrong and the whole country was treated to wall to wall sunshine for the duration of the weekend. That afternoon I was sauntering ( I dont do any other speed) and noticed that everyone else was sauntering too. It was a warm day, about 22 C, which is positively tropical in Scotland and it was great to see everyone in summery clothes just ambling.

I’m a great fan of ambling and Im convinced that there is a correlation between air temperature and the perceived ambling.  No doubt the research has been done and is wrapped up in PhD thesis on a  forgotten shelf somewhere. Italians amble – have you ever seen a German amble? Never. Even in hot places –  they fight the urge to amble but stride purposefully, arms all a-swinging and purple in the face.

Anyway I was looking forward to reaching the most southern point of Scotlandshire tomorrow and turning north and then east for my final leg….


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