Portslogan to Clachanmore. 14 Miles


Another glorious day and so I got up and out early and started the 4 mile walk along the start of the Southern Upland Way that would lead me down over the cliffs, passed the lighthouse at Killantrigan and on to Portpatrick.  Portpatrick is the western start to the SUW which is a tough coast to coast walk of over 200 miles. I have walked half of the walk but had to give up when the foot and mouth epidemic hit our shores – effectively closing the whole of the countryside down. I do remember it being very tough with lots of ups and downs. Maybe one day Ill finish the section from Moffat east that I couldnt do last time.

I like Portpatrick although it was a bit busy with a hen party in full force. I dont know about you, but it is actually frightening to see a posse of pissed up women all wearing pink stetsons lumbering towards you.

Anyway the cliff path to the south was a good walk – the ruins of Dunskey castle is impressive against the skyline and later the path looks down onto the Morroch Bay. From then on to the finish the walk is mainly on small farm roads.


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