Stranraer to Portslogan. 18 Miles

North of Stranraer

I got off early and started walking north away from Stranraer around the west shore of Loch Ryan – This is the time of the year that I love. Early spring always brings with it a period of sunshine that seems to awaken the countryside. Suddenly the trees are awash with green buds bursting out – the colour of the green is even different – it is a clean new colour.  The other evocative feature at this time of the year is the strong pungent coconut aroma of the gorse in bloom. I think that of all the memories I will have of the last four years on this walk – the smell of the scent of the flowering gorse bushes on a warm spring day will always be with me.

The walk itself was a straightforward walk around the northern section of the Rhins of Galloway. I followed minor roads all the way and there was little traffic apart from the occasional tractor. I skirted the Carsewall lighthouse at the north then turned and headed south along the B738 till I reached Portslogan. It was a long walk (for me) at 18 miles but apart from a bit of chaffing I completed it unscathed.

More Photos


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