Cairnryan to Stranraer. 7 Miles

Cairnryan Ferry

Ayrshire Coastal Path guide book.

Ayrshire Coastal Path guide book.

This was the first walk of 2009 and I had been putting it off until the weather looked settled for a few days. I have approximately 200 miles or so to go before the end of the walk and Ive decided not to blast away at it but to savour the last miles.  The most difficult part of this project has always been the way I have to “psyche myself up” before I head off. By that I mean that it does at times seem a ridiculous project to have started and there always ensues a battle of wits with myself as to why I should drive a couple of hundred miles just to wander around muddy fields and farm roads for a few days when I could be spending time doing other more “worthwhile” activities. However I always tell myself that this has as much vailidity as anything else when all is said and done. – I’m out in the fresh air – I am getting fit and Im closer to nature than sitting in an air conditioned office all day.

I arrived down at Stranraer and caught the bus back to Cairnryan which was only about 6 miles away – so it was a good re-introduction into the walk after the winter. The sun shone and I felt the warmth on my face and got into my stride. The path went around the loch side – mainly on the road with the occasional foray to the sea shore and I was back in Stranraer in no time.

I received a comment from Jimmy Begg who coordinates the Ayrshire Coastal Path.  He says that there will be an extension from the end of the coastal path at Ballantrae to Stranraer, which will also link up to the Southern Upland Way. This is excellent news and Jimmy should be commended for the hard work he and his team at the Ayrshire Rotary club have put in to raise the funding to create Ayrshire path.  Piece by piece the coastal path is slowly coming together. We just need to link the various sections and eventually there will be an official route around Scotland. To this end I have been putting together a web site at to lobby for the creatiion of such a path.

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3 Responses to Cairnryan to Stranraer. 7 Miles

  1. Neil McKenzie says:

    Has the Loch Ryan path from Glenapp opened ? Is there a map available? 4/7/09

    • treb123 says:

      I didnt notice a path when I walked from there late last year. There was major road building going on at Glenapp so they might have incorporated a path after the works were complete

  2. BlueTazDevil says:

    The path has noe opened, Start around 100 yards south of Glenapp church.

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