Maidens to Girvan. 8 Miles.

The Ailsa Craig

Ayrshire Coastal Path guide book.

Ayrshire Coastal Path guide book.

From Maidens I took the road that ran in front of the famous Turnberry golf course – Im not sure if the path went around the shoreline or not but I couldnt see a signpost at Maidens harbour  for the Ayrshire Coastal Path so I missed out on a photo of the lighthouse at Turnberry. I did pass the front entrance to the 5 star Turnberry Hotel however – it is probably up there with the Gleneagles  Hotel as being one of the top hotels in Scotland. Invariably linked to to a golf course of course. Turnberry has been the venue for many an Open championship. Once I passed Turnberry I headed down the very busy A719 which runs along the shoreside south to Girvan. Once again I wasnt sure if there was a viable alternative along the shoreline but I didnt see any signposts suggesting otherwise. So I plodded on and did my hopping on and off the grass verge act until I reached the outskirts of Girvan. That night I parked at the harbour behind a Turkish Articulated lorry. The next morning I watched as the driver ate his breakfast from the side of a little pull down flap on the side of the lorry. He brewed up some strong coffee on a little makeshifts kettle and sat on a little fold away chair. I wondered how he must have felt being so far away from home. I was wondering what I was doing parked up in amongst a lot of trailers – I suppose it must be second nature to these long distance lorry drivers. How many of us realise what kind of life it must be living in the cabin of your truck catching some sleep and driving for hours and hours along strange roads in strange countries where you cant presumambly even speak the language. It must be difficult and a lonely life being a long haul lorry driver. God knows if I can anxious if I have a few hours to kill before bed and Im faced with a few hours in the van. And I have all the comforts built in. I always try and ensure I have enough downloaded programs I can watch from the BBC website. The I-Player is a real boon to me as watching some stuff on my notebook PC it allows me to live a little like a “normal” lifestyle when Im away.  The rest if the time Im better not thinking about how ridiculous this project is. Part of me wishes it was over and yet another part of me wishes paradoxically it could go on for ever.

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