Weymss Bay to West Kilbride. 15 Miles



Ayrshire Coastal Path guide book.

Ayrshire Coastal Path guide book.

I left the van at West Kilbride railway station and intended getting the train back up the line to Wemyss Bay. However when I looked at the train timetable I realised that the train didnt go as far as Wemyss bay, but stopped at Largs. When I got to Largs there didnt appear to be a bus service on a Friday up to Skelmorlie. So reluctantly I decided to just walk south from Largs. I started off having a coffee in Nardini’s coffee shop on the corner. Nadini’s was a cafe that was synonymous with Largs, but Im sure that it had moved and now occupied a corner position. When  I was a little boy I would come down to Largs to go sea fishing with a friend – in those days it was still possible to catch lots of fish in the waters around Largs – Cod, Mackerel and many others. I think you would be catch anything around here now. The ferry for Millport on the Isle of Cumbrae also leaves from Largs – another favourite summer day out for me when I was younger.


On my way around toawards the Hunterston Power Station I met a guy called Bob who turns out knew my daughter’s boyfriend, having played with him in his band “El Dog”. We had a great walk together and it was great to meet him as we had a great chat and he was good company. Together we chatted about music and all sorts of stuff. I hop he catches the coastal walking habit. 😉

From the Power station we rounded the bend at Portencross, we passed the remains of the castle and then it was a a mile or so back up the hill to West Kilbride railway station where I jumped in the van and headed down towards Troon where I spent the night at Barrassie beach.

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