Kirkpatrick to Greenock. 14 Miles


Today I was heading over the Clyde. I caught the train from Glasgow to the small station at Kirkpatrick which lies just under the Erskine Bridge.  See the photo from the previous post of the view over the bridge. It was great to look back down the Clyde and see the hills away to the west. The convulated shoreline of Argyle seemed to take forever to get round and although at times I wished it was all over I felt sorry that I had now left the Highlands behind and it was a long stretch of shoreline south along the Ayrshire way that faced me next.

The weather wasnt good as I crossed over to the south side of the Clyde and headed through Bishopton towards Greenock. I passed the hospice at Erskine that looks after old soldiers and it was well known in Scotland.  I then had to walk along the very busy dueal carriageway of the A8 which had no footpath. I was therefore keen t get off this busy and dangerous road and so once I got to Langbank I headed inland a little so that I could get a better view of the Clyde Estuary which I could see from a higher point.

I eventually dropped down a little into Port Glasgow which was a pretty run down area with many houses boarded up. It was a shame as the view from where they were built was priceless. You coud see all the way up the various sea lochs and towards the Arrochar Alps. It did feel strange to look back northwards towards those mountains that I went through only weeks before.

From Port Glasgow it was a short 3 miles walk into Greenock where I stopped at the station to catch the train back to Glasgow via Paisley.

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2 Responses to Kirkpatrick to Greenock. 14 Miles

  1. Pat Crawford says:

    Och! it’s not Kirkpatrick to Greenock, it is Kilpatrick to Greenock. The village is Old Kilpatrick and, when I was a wee lassie, the station was also known as Old Kilpatrick. Don’t know whether the change was political correctness or saving on signwriting 😉

  2. Jane says:

    I’ve stumbled across your excellent blog and I’m fascinated by your incredible walk! I am saving the link – will add it to my own blog pages (hope that’s OK) so that I can find it easily again. I’m looking forward to reading about your experiences and seeing the photos when I have more time!
    Best wishes, Jane Thomas

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