Coulport to Garelochhead. 15 Miles

KIlcreggan Pier

Today was a much better day both weather wise and scenery too. The walk would take us south from Coulport around the Peninsula past Cove and Roseneath and then head north again back to Garelochhead. Although we were doing another one of those long circular walks where we would finish not so far from where we started, it was a good walk with a variety of scenery along the way. The sunshine came out just as we walked along past Cove and Michael let out a big cheer.  Then folllowed a light hearted debate about how we should try to maintain an air of indifference no matter how good (or bad) the weather is. Of course we all know that good weather improves spirits despite it being on the other side of the same coin as bad weather. Anyway, it became a running joke that if either of us got excited or enthusiastic about something, then the other would only have to raise an eyebrow in order to “put things in perspective” 😉

We stopped at a little cafe at Kilcreggan for coffee and toasted tea cakes which were delicious. Then we were back on our way. Walking through the fields just before Roseneath Point felt strange for me as it had been so long since I had walked through arable land. It felt like it was around Aberdeen about three years ago that I had walked by a field next to the sea. I realised that he next day I would say goodbye to the Highlands and I suppose this was a reminder of the kind of walking that was to come once I crossed the Clyde.

The walk rhrough the wood just before we reached the caravan park at Roseneath was magical. The trees were incredibly green with dappled light shining through the gaps in the high branches. We walked in silence and both enjoyed the sound of the wind blowing gently through the trees.  Some things have to be experienced rather than written about – this was one of those moments.

After we negotiated our way through the holiday park at Roseneath, we walked along the B road that led north to Garelochead. We could make out Gareloch away to the north and it felt like a long walk to get there. on the eastern shore of Gare Loch the high rise flats of Faslane (the submarine base) rose from the sourrounding countryside looking like an old Soviet bloc town. It looked so out of place in its rural environment. It didnt remind me how much our nuclear deterrent was costing us.

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