Lochgoilhead to Arrochar. 10 Miles

Michael and "Arfur"

I was joined this week by my good friend Michael who came up for a few days to keep me with his Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Arfur. It was great to see him and it was great to have company on the walks. The first day’s walk was from Lochgoilhead over the “rest and be thankful” down into Arrochar.  The peninsula to the south didnt look as if it had a straightforward path through the Argyle forest so I decided to “go over the top”.  We took the forest track above the main road, so that we could look down on the cars heading up the road with the military road running further below it. Michael was doing on OK until he started developing a couple of blisters towards the end which caused him a bit of discomfort. The next couple days he walked in his trainers whch alleviated the problem. Arfur on the other hand was probably more used to short lunges rather than 15 mile walks and had to be rested on the third day as he was limping a bit. The scenery was good despite the low cloud although we didnt manage to see the tops of the “Arrochar Alps” because the cloud level was down around 2000 ft. It was good to have a bit fo company as the miles just roll in when we you are busy nattering away. We had a long quiet period of about an hour which I think is necessary – just to take in the views and feel that you are part of the environment through which you travel.

Eventually we headed around the Holy Loch and dropped down into Arrochar where we sampled the local cuisine at a restaurant called the Ben lomond. I was gratefully relieved that every item on the menu consisted of haggis in some form or another; that allowed Michael to sample the delights of Grannies Heilan’ hame cooking.

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