Holy Loch to Lochgoilhead. 15 Miles

August 10, 2008

My two wonderful children - Jamie and Emma

Today I was really fortunate in that I had managed to get my two lovely children, Emma and Jamie to come up and help me for a bit. Lately I had been having a bit of a tough time and they offered to come up for a while and keep me company. Jamie was still on his school holidays and Emma was busy juggling two jobs, but they still managed to find time to come up and help their dad. So thanks a million – you know how much the walk means to me and hopefully I’ll get over this hiccup in my progress soon. I have covered 600 miles this year which is already about 200 miles more than last year – but Im not sure if I’ll be able to finish it off this year as lately Ive had others things to deal with  – which has slowed my progress down a bit. But as Emma said to me – it’s not a race and I will finish it eventually, even if I dont finish the walk this year I  will be close to the end and I may as well enjoy the remaining 400 miles rather than gritting my teeth and hating every footstep I take.

So on the Saturday night after Emma finished work we caught the ferry to Dunoon from Gourock and settled down for the night. The next day I set off and walked around the Holy Loch from Hunter’s quay. Then I headed up Loch Long to where Emma was waiting for me at Ardentinny. The route from Ardentinny north didnt look too promising and I was loath to hack my way through head high bracken and slide around on a muddy path. So I travelled with them north in the van and we dropped down into Lochgoilhead and followed the minor road south to Carrick Castle where Emma dropped me and Jamie off. Then Jamie and I headed back north up Loch Goil towards Lochgoilhead while Emma drove to Arrochar over the Rest and Be Thankful looking for some gas for the van. That night th erain teemed down and in the morning the kids were meant to catch the train from Tarbet at 10 am and head back to Glasgow. But when I saw the weather and realised I would have to climb over the hills in the teeming rain I just didnt have the stomach for it. I decided that I would just take the kids home and leave the walk for a while till I felt that I was ready to start again.

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