Loch Striven to Holy Loch. 15 Miles

Going "Doon the Watter" at Dunoon

My feet were starting to fall apart as I had worn my sandals all day yesterday and they had been rubbing my skin in various places. Yesterday I had to stop and add plasters to the worst bit and I looked as if I had been cutting my feet with razor blades. I did a quick repair before I set off. Today would be a much easier walk than yesterday, and it was a lovely day again. I had never been to Dunoon before and I was half expecting a run down town, but it was surprising how many real big houses were there in a good state of repair. Also new houses, recently built too.

It was nice to see so many people out and about and enjoying the sunshine. The paddle steamer the “Waverley” an old Clyde stalwart rumbled south carrying its day trippers for a trip “doon the watter”.

I had aimed to get to Dunoon, but decided to carry on a little bit further before we headed home. So I walked around past Hunter’s Key and into the Holy Loch. It had been a good 4 days walking and I managed to get about 75 miles walking in which is good going for me. I only have a tricky section back up to Arrochar to do and then it should be more or less plain sailing for the rest of the walk as I will be saying goodbye to the Highlands for the last time. I have spent 3 years from Arbroath on the east coast heading north and around the top and down the west coast. The mountains have been inspiring frustrating and stunning – I will miss not having them around me.

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