Ormidale to Loch Striven. 20 Miles

This was a day of two halves – the first part of the walk was down the Kyles of Bute following the east side of The island of Bute, past the ferry at Colintraive. The ferry seemed to go across what looked liked 20 yards of water. It was more like a shuttle bus than a ferry. Jamie met me at Colintraive and we had a great walk down to Strone Point. We had a good chat and I think some of the amazing scenery started to rub off on Jamie. Ive said this before, but as a parent I can only hope that some of the appreciation of the beauty of our country can be aquired by some kind of osmosis by our children. At the point we waited for Jamie’s mum to collect us in the van. There was no way around this point as there was no path marked to go further north which is a real shame as it is such a drag not being able to continue without having to turn back. Im going to lobby for a National Coastal Path when I get home.

In the afternoon I was dropped at the head of Loch Striven at Ardtaraig. I walked past the estate house and then waded through ankle deep mud to get onto the “path” that was marked on the OS map. The path was very poor and for long sections not visible at all – in fact I had to hack my way through head high ferns and bracken which was very frustrating. Luckily I has Lola, Jamie’s labrador with me and she was able to literally follow the “line of least resistance” where I couldnt’ see the way forward. (See the photo above which is actually ON the path). Eventually I stumbled down onto the farm track and plodded along past what looked like grouse breeding areas. Eventually I reached the refuelling depot at Loch Striven where there was a ship docked being refuelled.

More Photos

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