Cairndow to Leannaich. 15 Miles

Red Squirrels at Strachur

I had met one of the locals who I had a long chat with. He was a guitar player and a bit of a busker and I got my guitar from the van and he played a few tunes. I had a long chat with a German couple who had visited Scotland a few times previously and where over on holiday. They were both involved in IT and we spent an hour or two talking about bank security systems. Which was nice. I walked south and popped into the little café cum post post office at Strachur for a coffee. While I was there a middle aged cyclist with a bit of a pot belly arrived. He had all the “go faster” clothing on – including the go faster cycling gloves. He came in and the waitress had to inform that the kitchen was closed for hot food. His face crumpled and I thought he was going to stamp his feet and “squeam and squeam”. The waitress kindly said that she could make him a whole range of sandwiches but he said not to bother as he was “too hungry”. I saw him shaking his head and muttering to himself as he got back on his bike. Really – he needs to chill. I can imagine for 20 miles he has a vision of some gargantuan feast in his mind’s eye at the end of his cycle ride. He really needed to have his bottom spanked for being so petulant.

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