Lochgilphead to Lochgair 8 Miles

The Vital Spark at Lochgilphead

I cut back up through Tarbert as I was not going to walk back up that crazy main road between Tarbert and Lochgilphead again. When I was away seeing about my leg my brother in law who is a G.P thought I had a trapped femoral nerve and I what I was suffering from was Meralgia Paraesthetica – basically a numb leg. It was 24 miles from Lochgilphead to Inveraray and normally Id be happy to walk that in two days, but I thought there was no point in causing problems for myself later on, so I decided to walk more often with less mileage to see what happened. I caught the bus back to Lochgilphead and started my walk. About half way along the route I noticed what looked like the window of a campervan lying back the side of the road. I thought nothing of it and walked on. It wasn’t until I reached my my van that I realised that the top window at the overhead bed had been ripped out. I t had obviously caught on a tree branch and got torn away from the van. I cursed this run of bad luck but was thankful that I had spotted the window by the side of the road. Im not sure how it ended up on the right side of the road when I was driving on the left mind you. Anyway, I managed to superglue the bit that was left to the rest of the window, and eventually managed to reconnect the window to the van. It did involve me lyingon the bed on my back, sticking my head out the window and somehow sliding the window from the outside into grooves on the campervan. So about 10 pm I eventually crawled into my bed knowing that at least I’d not wake up with a soaked duvet from a hole where my window should have been.

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