Carradale to Skipness. 16 miles.

The Arran ferry near Skipness

Kintyre Way E-Guide

I got back with my phone repaired which meantI could see where I was going with my OS maps loaded again.It was a lovely sunny day and the views over to Arran were stunning. I could see the notched ridge of A’ Chir and Goatfell clearly, and the view from this side of the island was much more dramatic than the one you see on the ferry from Ardrossan which is the more busy route. Years ago, I had climbed A’ Chir with my sister on a gloriously warm Easter Sunday. Unfortunately Anna balked at the idea of walking along the ridge and we had to come off the side. (which is something you should never do) Anyway we did have a few scrapes and bruises and eventually managed to get back to Broadick in one piece although we did miss the last ferry home. We also go a ticking off from one of the mountain rescue guys who happened to own the B&B for chosing that route off the mountain. I knew it was not the best option but I felt we didn’t have any other choice at the time.

Anyway, although the walk was pleasant enough – the flies drove me nuts. If there is little wind, the road is next to a wooded area and the sun is shining then, these swarms of balck flies appear. At least with midgies if you keep walking, they don’t bother you as much. But I felt like the character Pigpen from the Charlie Brown cartoon strip with a massive swarm of them flying about my head.I had my lunch at the little beach at Grogport and then stopped at the ferry terminal at Claonaig. I watched the ferry coming back from Arran and then ventured the last couple of miles over to Skipness. There was a crowd of adults and children celebrating 4th July with stars and stripes top hats on. I also bumped into the lady I had met in Tayinloan who had asked me to put the sheep the right way up. Her son was playing at the ceilidh that night at Skipness village hall. I didn’t feel up to a ceilidh having just walked 16 miles or so. The 13th Century castle at Skipness is quite impressive and I enjoyed having a wander around there in the cool evening light.

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