Campbeltown to Carradale. 16 miles

Beach near Carradale

Kintyre Way Guide

Kintyre Way Guide

I drove to Carradale and caught the bus back to Campbeltown. I set off heading north and decided that I needed to do somethingtopace myself as I was having trouble with blisters and a a niggling left ankle. I decided I would have a 10 minute break every hour rather than what I usually do which is to walk for 3 hours or so without a break.The walk was a pleasant one and soon I left the island of Davaar, behind. I hadn’t realised that the island is connected to the mainland with a causeway which is covered in high tide.I passed through the village of Saddell with its ruined Abbey and carved stones. I also had a short chat with an old man who had lived in Saddell all his life. I often wonder if people who haven’t travelled, but stayed put are any happier than those who have wandered across the globe. He seemed a happy old man with his two old collies and I secretly envied his apparent sense of belonging .

Eventually I got to Carradale which is a lovely little village. Full of signposts everywhere which is always a sign of an (over?) active village committee. What was silly and rather pointless was the fact that the signs had the names of the organisations that had “sponsored” the production of these signposts blazoned over the signposts themselves. So a simple sign pointing to the “Beach” had maybe other four other names underneath like “the lottery fund” etc. under it.I’ve seen this phenomenon all over the place, especially when it comes to the European Union. There might be a little insignificant bridge somewhere that has a huge pronouncing sign saying “This project has been part funded by the European Union”.In case you forget it.

Carradale was a lovely well kept village nonetheless. I parked down at the car park at the pier and watched the boats unloading their catches late at night. The fishermen definitely don’t do a nine to five job here.That night I ventured further up the village to find a place to charge my replacement phone and ended in the village pub taking part in the Thursday night quiz and watching a bit of the Euro 2008 football competition.

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