Southend to Campbeltown. 14 Miles

Looking back to Mull of Kintyre

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Kintyre Way guide

Kintyre Way Guide

I had turned the corner and started heading back north today up the other side of the Kintyre Peninsula. After yesterday’s grim weather it was lovely to walk in sunshine again.20 Miles away I could see the isolated rock of the Ailsa Craig or “Paddy’s Milestone” as it is also called. It was interesting to see it from the “wrong” side.The Ailsa Craig was the place that granite for curling stones was mined. My Gran worked in the canteen on the island. Another nice place to see was the island of Sanda which lies just to the south of Southend. Years ago I sailed on a skippered yacht out of Troon and we anchored just off Sanda as we waited for the tide to turn and head north up towards Gigha island. It was a magical trip, especially as we were sailing at night. This was way before GPS was used for navigation and everything had to be plotted out using compasses and real paper navigation charts.I remember looking out for the light on Rathlin island off the Irish coast and the sense of relief when suddenly it came into view.

I was tired when I got back to Campbeltown and the last couple of miles around Campbeltown loch was a bit of a struggle.

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