Tayinloan to Machrihanish. 20 Miles.

Tayinloan Sunset

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Kintyre Way Guide

Kintyre Way Guide

Yesterday it teemed with rain – I parked up at Tayinloan where the ferry left for Gigha. I overslept because I was so tired from listening to the rain all night, and missed the bus going to Campbeltown. I decided then just to take the day off and mooch around Campbeltown. Which wasn’t such a good idea and I was bored after about an hour as there isn’t an awful lot to do there.So today I was going to do a big walk to make up for it. The weather was fine as I set off off. I met a lady who lived in a cottage next to the ferry car park who asked me if I would mind giving her a hand to help a sheep that was lying on its back and couldn’t upright itself. She had broken her ribs recently and didn’t want to risk pulling a sheep up. I duly obliged and the sheep scurried off – none the worse for it’s ordeal.I made good progress and made it to the Argyle Hotel at Bellochantuy Bay, where I had coffee – the location was stunning – beautiful views over a sandy white beach to Gigha. Then it was on to Machrihanish bay and a fantastic walk along a 4 mile sandy beach protected by huge sand dunes. It was great to be back on a “proper” beach again. I think the last beach was at Arisaig. I was surprised that the walk along this magnificent stretch of coast was not included in the relatively new Kintyre Way. Anyway, I took my socks and boots off and paddled for miles along the shoreline enjoying the cool water on my feet. When I got to Machrahanish, it was a quick bus back to Campbeltown and then back to the Argyle hotel for something to eat and to watch the sunset over the islands. A Perfect day.

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