Tarbert to Clachan. 10 Miles


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Kintyre Way walk guide

Kintyre Way Guide

After I eventually got back from my big walk yesterday I hooked up my phone to my notebook PC to get recharged while I made myself something to eat. I was dog tired and still had to drive to find somewhere to park for the night. Then I noticed that the battery charging light for my phone wasn’t coming on. The phone turned out to be completely goosed.I realised immediately that with my phone holding all my map data never mind my only real connection with the outside world – I had to get it replaced as soon as possible. Obviously there was nothing in Lochgilphead, and so I reluctantly started the engine in the van and began the long 3 hour drive back to Perth where there was an O2 shop. At 9 this morning I was the first customer, and I half hoped that maybe it was just a battery fault;  but it wasn’t – the phone was toast. I think with the continuous rain and my inability to keep my pockets completely dry, it finally gave up the will to live. Now I have a problem as I have no navigation system while I am out walking. The phone would be replaced because fortunately it was still under warranty, but I wont get a new one for 2 weeks.

Once I had a loan phone sorted I drove the three hours back to Tarbet – a round trip that probably cost me £80 in diesel. I didn’t even start my walk until 5 pm which is why I decided to just do the 6 miles.I hitched a life back to Tarbet from along the road and the poor guy that gave me a life ended up getting flashed by a police car and he got a speeding to ticket! I slunk away but he tooted me later as he past so I suppose he didn’t think it was my fault

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