Kilninver to Melfort. 13 Miles.

Ardmaddy Bealach

NEW : See my campaign to establish a National Coastal Path here

I made a big decision over the weekend that I was going to see if I could stay away much longer than I have done in the past. Im driving back to Crail more or less just to wash my clothes and kick my heels until I can get away again. So Im going to stay away on my walk until I get it completed, with the occasional foray back to Glasgow.

Today I was heading of the main road from Kilninver, west towards Seil Island and then south again around the little peninsula back towards the main road via the marina at Melfort. After having wonderful weather – (it was the driest May in Argyle since records began ) the Scottish summer kicked in with a vengeance. Constant heavy rain all day. There was nothing I could do to avoid it – I just had to grin and bear it. From Ardmaddy castle over the Bealach the rain fell steadily down and my feet were soon sodden. When the weather is as bad as this all that you can do is remember that it won’t be like this forever and that bad weather is just the other side of the coin from good weather. I dropped down off the hill and walked around the side of Loch Melfort to the marina where there was a café. I dropped in and had an expensive cappuccino which was nevertheless very welcoming. I was wet through and I chatted to the young American owners of the Marina complex. They said that they had Princess Anne eating at the restaurant . Not being much of a royalist I kept my mouth shut. I could see she was impressed though. She said that her Canadian staff, who didn’t know who she was were slapping her on the back and doing what Canadians do naturally. Im surprised Princess Anne didn’t say to them when they were introducing themselves as Canadian, that Canada was hers. To tell you the truth of all the Royals, she is the one I have most respect for – she doesn’t see to mind a bit of graft and getting her hands dirty. Also she is the President of the Scottish Rugby Union; one needs to be thick skinned to accept that post.


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