Creggan Bridge to Oban. 14 Miles

June 6, 2008

Oban Harbour

NEW : See my campaign to establish a National Coastal Path here

I left where I ended the previous walk at the cafe at Creggan bridge and set off back down the road to Oban. It was good to get off the road again at benderloch and walk along the beach towards the bridge at Connel. The straits ate Connel are very dangerous with a really strong current that would suck anything out to see. I stopped on the bridge and watched the water below zip by on the strong current before I headed off again.

I stopped off at the sealife centre for a coffee – it was pretty empty and I wondered how much of the lack of trade would be due to the high fueld costs or the general apathy towards seals. Wandering off again I came to the Dunstaffnage marina and had another drink in the “Wide mouthed Frog”. I knew it was the punchline to some old joke but for the life of me I couldn’t remember what the joke was about. The next stop was in Oban and I had parked up in the car park just behind the leisure centre. I had fully expected a really bad night’s sleep there, but surprisingly it was pretty quiet and and I slept like a log once I had had a walk around Oban itself.

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