Ballachulish to Appin. 13 Miles.

The Pap of Glencoe from Ballachulish bridge

NEW : See my campaign to establish a National Coastal Path here

An early start going over the bridge where as you can see from the photo looking north to the Pap of Glencoe, the weather was fantastic. You cannot beat the beauty of Scotland on a sunny day. However, as those of you who know Glencoe, when the clouds are down it is a very foreboding place.

I crossed the Ballachulish bridge, turned right and soon I was heading south towards my intended destination for the week, Oban. I had an early morning coffee at the Ballachulish hotel which helped wake me up. I noticed just beyond the Ballachulish hotel a new SUSTRANS cycle path that had only opened a couple of weeks previously. What a difference that made. The path was made of tarmac and was lined on both sides with flowering rhododendrons. It obviously cost a lot to create as there was a lot of rock to shift to make it, but it certainly must help cyclists and walkers if it means it takes them off the busy A828.

Eventually the path ran out and I was forced back onto the road again where I disturbed some sheep who ran onto the road and kept walking in front of me. I had to wave the cars to slow down as they approached as the Ewe had two lambs with her who were all over the place. I didnt fancy being witness to more dead sheep on the road so I caught with them and made sure I had ushered them off the road. The rest of the walk was laong the road until I reached the little village of Appin There was a bus stop there but it would be another hour till the next bust so I hitch hiked back to Ballachulish, having got a lift in a truck carrying skips. It was fun watching him skidding about 20 yards along the gravel trying to stop to pick me up!

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