Corran to Camusnagaul. 11 Miles.

May 15, 2008

Loch Eil

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Today I was heading north along the east shore of Loch Linnhe towards the point immediately opposite Fort William. It was another of these strange situations were for two days I would be heading the “wrong way” just because of the wierd topography of the country. Once I finished the walk I popped into the village hall at Camusnagaul where I had a coffee and chatted to the old man who ran the voluntary cafe. We discuused like everyone else the price of fuel which has gone through the roof recently. He told me that he had removed his wood burning stove a couple of years ago and was now finding that he was serious thinking of putting it back because heating oil prices had gone through the roof. He happened to have a croft with an adjoining wood so there would be no shortage of material to burn over the winter.

later that evening as I was trying to sleep I could hear the sounds of a funfair which spoiled the peacefulness of the place. The sound of thumping bass and shouts and music kept me awake for a time. It seemed unnatural having that kind of noise pollution in such a dramatic scenic spot. The noise was coming over the water from the fairground that had camped out at Corpach, just outside Fort William. It was another two days walking before I walked around to where it was. It amde me realise the problems of noise and how we are just having to contend with more and more of it – especially in our cities.

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