Lochulsge to Corran 16 Miles.

Towards Camasnacroise

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I set off to head down the long valley towards Loch Linnhe on the Kingairloch estate. Almost the first thing I met was a dead sheep on the road. You would think that having walked around 2000 miles, it would have been a common occurrence to see, but in fact that was the first sheep I had seen dead on the road. It had obviously been run over recently too. As I passed it I met one of the estate workers coming up the road in his 4 by 4 buggy, he was obviously there to remove it and bury it ( I presume) on the nearby hillside.

I have seen lots of deer on the road and rabbits etc – what was unusual about this was the road was a very minor B road and I think only a handful of cars passed me. What I have noticed is the distinctive smell of “roadkill”. Usually its something hidden in the undergrowth – the first time I noticed it was when walking around the north west of Scotland, when the really strong smell led me to a decomposing deer in a stream. I wouldnt have seen it, but my nose pointed it out to me. I dont usually worry about drinking from mountain streams, but Im a bit wary of doing so now.

The walk took me down and around a road that hugged the side of the mountains that lined Loch Linnhe on the eastern side. The weather was good and I enjoyed the rest of the walk to Corran Ferry. I was also great to get a view up towards Glencoe from the “other” side.

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