Loch Teacuis to Savary. 20 Miles.

Lochaline milemarker

NEW : See my campaign to establish a National Coastal Path here

I had been dreading this section as looking the Ordnance survey map for this area, it looked like there was no way around the coast and from reading David Cotton’s Blog of his walk around Britain, it looked as if I was going to have to force my way through a forest to be able to stick to the coast. Normally if there are no paths marked on the map and the route is forest then I would find another way, but this time there was no obvious detour. However as it happens, Lady Luck was smiling at me. Just before I started the walk I came across a Forestry notice board with a map of cycling routes in the area – and there was a new route that went almost all the way to the little cottage at Doirlinn which was at the end of a long rough landrover track. I was so relieved that I fairly bounced along. As it happens there was still about one third of a mile after the track had run out that I had to cover over fairly rough moorland. I dont really know how David managed to get through this section – especially as reading from his blog that he did two of my sections in one day.

The route going west from Doirlinn cottage climbed to about 1000 ft and was a bit of a tough climb but the views from the top back down the length of Loch Sunart were spectacular. Once again I pondered that just across the loch was the point I had taken about 6 days get from. I nearly got despondent at the stupidity and pointlessness of what I was doing but I reflected that most things that we do dailly are pretty pointless anyway, and so I may as well do this as anything else. It was at least keeping me fit – the sun was blazing down and at the end of the day, there was a lot worse places to be.

After a while the road bent to the left and headed south along the shoreline of the Sound of Mull. It was lovely to get off the moor and walk next to cool woods filled with bluebells. The last time I saw bluebells as lovely was two years ago near Fort George on the Moray coast.

I met Emma at the little jetty at Drimnin, but we agreed that because I had finished the walk earlier than expected, I should carry on and get more miles in since it was such a lovely day. So I walked till 6.30 and eventually stopped at a country park car park just 3 miles from Lochaline. It was a long day for me – 10 hours walking but very satisfactory.


One Response to Loch Teacuis to Savary. 20 Miles.

  1. Ruby says:

    that’s a very nostalgic signpost!

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