Laudale House to Loch Teacuis. 11 Miles.

Loch Sunart

NEW : See my campaign to establish a National Coastal Path here

This walk was to be the first of four that I would consider as walking around the area called Morvern. Morvern is the tract of land that extends along the Sound of Mull eastwards towards Loch Linnhe.  Today I had planned going over the Bealach Sloc an Eich at Glencripesdale as there wasnt a path that I could see that went around the coast. It was straightforward enough getting to the house at Glencripesdale – I just followed the forest track and it was another lovely sunny day. Once I got to the back of the house I was faced with a long hard slog up the side of the stream that came down from the mountain and it was pretty steep too. It was hot, hard and thirsty work and I stopped lots of times to take deep gulps of water from my reservoir bag. After what felt like an eternity I reached the top of the hill. You can always tell when you near the top of a hill as suddenly you feel the wind picking up and there is always a subtle change in the vegetation – everything clings lower to the ground. I was really pleased to reach there and from the summit cairn I could see the faint track of a landrover track across the rough ground.

It took me a while to get back down to the northern shore of Loch Teacuis and I was really pleased when Emma strolled along the road to meet me. It had been a long hard slog today and I was slightly dreading tomorrow as I believed that would be my hardest day of the week.

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