Kinlochmoidart to Acharcle. 7 Miles.

Loch Moidart

NEW : See my campaign to establish a National Coastal Path here

I was looking forward to this section of the walk as it would take me to the most westerly point on the UK mainland. The lighthouse at the end marking the end of the Ardnamurchan peninsula. However it would take me 5 days just to walk around the shoreline, although the distance I would gain would only be 6 MIles south on my journey!

I arrived in Kinlochmoidart and decided to walk around the new path that skirted the northern shores of Loch Moidart. The path wasn’t officially opened yet and still had a couple of weeks to go before it was completed. I spoke to two of the labourers who had been working on it for two years. The ballast had to be brought in by the barge Spanish John II from Mallaig where it was hoisted onto the steeps sides of the path and physically carried to where it was needed. The path was a good one, and clung to the side of the cliff which made it interesting. There was a bit of tidying up to do, including the removal of a deer skeleton which had obviously lain there for sometime as there was nothing but bones and horn left on it. I’m not sure why it was left there as it was lying right across the path. That aside, the path was good and took me around the loch to where Castle Tioram was located. This old clan McDonald castle is privately owned, and the owner wants to spend money on making sure it doesnt fall into further disrepair. However he has been refused permission – it seems that Scotland prefers its castles to be in a ruinous condition. Im sure the dithering will continue for years to come even although the owner is prepared to fund the works himself apparently.

I met this young guy who was going to attempt to be the first to swim from the mainland to Eigg. His boss who owns the estate is a relative of Richard Branson (brother in law?) and the young guy said that was would be allowed on the morning of the attempted swim not to have to serve them breakfast! Generosity knows no bounds. Im sure that there will be a much bigger contribution other than a couple of hour’s off work. The world is full of remarkable people doing remarkable things.

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One Response to Kinlochmoidart to Acharcle. 7 Miles.

  1. Cathie says:

    The “young guy” did indeed do it but had to wait until June for the tide etc. The boss who owns the island (Eilean Shona) you could have seen from the jetty is indeed BIL to Richard B. The island has a big house & little cottages you can rent – its fab- we’ve been several times and will go back next year…

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