Arisaig to Rhu. 8 Miles.

Old farmhouse at Arisaig

NEW : See my campaign to establish a National Coastal Path here

This was a short walk and a short day along to the end of the peninsula to the south of Arisaig. The route was along the little road where it turned into a track for the last three miles. The route afforded lovely views back over the Arisaig bay to the village itself. I had camped that night at the end of the road where the road widened on a bend. Part of the daily chores of doing this walk is to constantly keep my eye out for potential parking places where I can stay overnight safely. When I say safely – I just mean somewhere that is away from the traffic and certainly away from the the boy racers who delight in tooting their horns as they drive past the van in the middle of the night. I

I met a fellow traveller who, as far as I could see, lived in his van full time. He was retired but didnt look very old. He and I got discussing about various good places to “wildcamp”. Unfortunately, I believe with the rising costs of everything, there will be a few more of us taking full time to the road. Im not sure how people are supposed to survive on a state pension. I have seen so many more campervans and caravans squeezed into the sides of roads. Especially down Loch Linnhe and the road to Ardnamurchan. It surely cant be impossible to tarmac a bit of ground and put a standpipe to provide fresh water. The guy I spoke to said that the toilet and shower block at the free camp site at Torridon was wrecked and the council spent a fortune rebuilding it, only for it to be vandalised again. What a waste of money. Most modern vans have hot showers built in and also chemical toilets. What we need more than anything is fresh water and a place to park!

Honestly it’s not rocket science.


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