Glenelg to Arnisdale. 13 Miles.

NEW : See my campaign to establish a National Coastal Path here

The walk from Glenelg beach was a bit of a slog today. The mist had descended to about 500ft and consequently I couldnt show Jamie my son any of the views that I had seen from my previous trip when I decided to drive around the Arnisdale to check out the ferry. The photo above was of the next day’s hike into Knoydart proper after we caught the little ferry over to Barrisdale beach.

The area, especially the little settlements of Corran and Arnisdale, which lie at the end of a road that peters out half way along Loch Hourn, is very remote and the best way to get around is by boat sice the lochs here are surrounded by high mountains. I looked at the map and decided the only way I could complete this section was to cheat a little and catch the ferry from Arnisdale across Loch Hourn and into Barrisdale beach. From there Jamie and I would walk over the pass and down the side of the Dubh Lochan into Inverie where we would catch the afternoon ferry from there to Mallaig.

The alternative was to walk from Corran to Kinlochhourn through another remote glen, stay in a bothy and then walk back again to Berrisdale which would have meant yet another overnight stay. I realise that the way I planned this meant cutting out a fair chunk of the Knoydart penninsula but I couldnt see any other way of doing it with one vehicle. Any comments on any other coastal walkers as to how they tackled this problem then please feel free to contact me!



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