Glen Shiel to Glenelg. 10 Miles

Near Glenelg

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After a longer walk than I expected to do yesterday I woke up with a niggle on the top of my left foot. So I took the executive decision to drive up and over to Glenelg and walk to the ferry point. The cycle route back up and over the mountain pass on my bike would have been too difficult even for a superhero in the prime of his life like me.

I saw another van parked further along the beach and so drove on to the grassy ground just above the sand. Of course I went just that little bit too far and realised I was stuck in some soft ground. No matter how much I tried I couldnt get out of the sand and the wheels were just spinning around in the sand. The lady who was in the other van came over to see if she could help but to no avail. It was getting dark and I thought I’d leave it till morning anyway and see what I could do then.

The next morning after a pretty fitful sleep I got up about 7.30 and started to pack the back of the wheel with stones etc. Still no joy. I had no signal on my phone – and so I couldnt even have called for help in any case. However after about 15 minutes I saw a tractor coming along the little road. I waved him down and the owner quickly slung a tow rope around the axle and I was hauled to safety. The tractor driver was the skipper of the little ferry that runs between Glenelg and the southern tip of Skye and this was his first day back for the summer season.

I was relieved to get out of there but the motivation for doing anymore walking completely left me. My foot was still sore and I really felt a bit low. I suppose it was the combination of the weather, the isolation I felt in that place and the niggle on my foot which conspired to defeat me. I realised that it was ok to have an “off” day and I would feel better about the walk next time I was up. I intended coming up with my son Jamie for company and knew things would be better for having him there with me.

More Photos

Map of Walk


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