Cove to Big Sand. 15 Miles

NEW : See my campaign to establish a National Coastal Path here

From the car park at Cove I headed off west towards the lighthouse at the Rubbha Reidh. There wasnt a path marked on the map but the going was relatively easy and I followed a route that took me over Meall Glac a Beithe and down onto a small sandy beach. At that point I decided to follow aminor track that headed south west then north west in a “V” shape till I got to the beach at Camas Mor. It was a fine sunny day and although the track was a bit boggy, I made good progress and enjoyed the views back northwards where I could make out the faint shape of the Stoer Lighthouse over 30 miles away. I cant remember how long ago I was there – it becomes difficult to try and remember individual sections of my walk now – especially on the west coast as there are lots of little indentations and headlands that merge in my mind’s eye.

Eventually I came to some ruins at Camas Mor which looked as if it has been converted into a  bothy recently as a tarpaulin roof had been stretched over the top of the walls and the inside itself didnt look too bad.

When I arrived at the massive sea cliffs I was blown away by the view. Far below lay the turquoise clear waters and golden sand of Camas Mor and despite the fact that I only had my rather rubbishy phone camera, I think I managed to capture  the sheer beauty of the place. Looking back over the whole walk I think that this view for me has to be up there with the best so far. Although the location of these impressive sea cliffs are less than a mile from the lighthouse at Rubha Reidh, I doubt they feature in the top ten stunning Scottish locations. (But then there is so much competition). The lighthouse is now a hostel and looked busy enough when I passed it by.




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