Mellon Udrigle to Aultbea. 9 Miles.

NEW : See my campaign to establish a National Coastal Path here

I back – tracked from my walk to Mellon Udrigle so that I could take the path that went west across the moor from Achgarve. The road was a good one and I made quick progress till I reached the ruins at Slaggan – a couple of stone cottages that had been abandoned years ago and only gable ends remained. From Slaggan, the route then headed south again over the hill and down into Mellon Charles, a small village lying on the east shore of Loch Ewe. I stopped at the Aroma Cafe (above) for a coffee. The cafe is so named because part of the building is set aside for perfume manufacturing. It was unsual, but a nice idea. Although sometimes I wonder about the economic viability of the “tourist attraction” component to these businesses. It seems that mostly the cafe side of these businesses seem to be the most profitable, and the other commercial addition is merely a “bolt-on” to attract the tourists. At the end of the day, most people seem to be interested in having a tea or coffee and looking at the view.

On the way through Mellon Charles, I saw a sign outside a small house that said “No Jehovahs”. That intrigued me, as the house in question was along a very minor road and I got wondering what would drive someone to have a sign made up just to stop Jehovahs. Perhaps the owner was the unsuspecting target for “Project Search and Convert” or some such like. I read of crofters complaining that their isolated houses are occasionally targeted by RAF fighters from Kinross to practice “bomb practice”. Perhaps this was in the same vein; thousands of Jehovahs had been bussed from near and far to camp outside this guy’s house in a “shock and awe” convertion seige. Who knows? – however the conjectures and scenarios whiled away a few miles till I reached Aultbea.

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