Ullapool to Letters. 10 Miles.

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It was a shame to be heading away from Ullapool as it represented the last sizeable town that I would be encountering until I reached Fort William sometime next year. I enjoyed popping in to the Ceilidh place where the staff were beginning to recognise me as the lunatic that comes in to nurse a coffee, read the papers and plug his phone in to be recharged. The walk from Ullapool to Letters was a straightforward walk around Loch Broom to the other side. The minor road that ran the length of Loch Broom ends at a scattering of cottages called Blarnalearoch, but I was only planning to walk to Letters, a couple of miles before there. I had to do the van / cycle shuffle thing and I had dropped my bike off the night before and travelled back to Ullapool in the van for the start of the walk. The walk along the main A835 wasnt too bad because it was a Sunday and the volume of traffic was less than a week day, but Im always apprehensive about walking on major roads as motorists dont expect walkers along these routes. Still the weather was fine and the time went quickly, and I enjoyed the cycle back to Ullapool once I had finished the walk. That was the last walk for this stint and I knew next time it would take a bit of planning as the next section would involve a hike over a bit of land by Loch Broom that had no obvious path.

More Photos

Map of Walk


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