Strathcanaird to Ullapool. 8 Miles.

NEW : See my campaign to establish a National Coastal Path here

After yesterday’s slog I couldnt care less about the walk today – the sense of relief at having only a straight, short and easy road work was palpable. Of course, it started raining again as I set off and my feet were cold and wet because I can never get my shoes dry overnight. The tourist trade must be getting hammered this year because of the weather, although the car park at Ullapool still had an abundance of cars and campervans with foreign plates. I almost feel responsible for the bad weather and apologising for the atrocious summer; but The Italiens, French and the Germans dont seem to mind. I think that with global warming, the warm temperatures on the continent are not just uncomfortable they are becoming dangerous. The cold and wet is probably a blessed relief from 45 celsius temperatures.

It was a short walk into Ullapool and I headed for the Ceilidh Place cafe which is a good place to veg out and take it easy. I spent a couple of hours reading the papers, and also had a long conversation with a fellow traveller who had walked the Pilgrim’s trail across Spain. That got me thinking, and I might add it to my “list of things to do before” I die list.



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